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Please begin to pray for our annual Fall Revival which will be held from 9/16-9/19. Don Walton has done a wonderful job serving as our evangelist for several years but I felt led to invite Brian Arnold to speak this year. Some of you will recognize Brian as a former member of the Chosen Few Gospel singing group and now lives in Kimberling City. Some of you may not know who Brian is, so here is a little background info on him:

"Brian Arnold is becoming one of America's sought after motivational speakers and evangelists. He shares his personal story of going from a "victim" mentality to living a life of victory.

At the age of 6, Brian lost his leg in a lawn mowing accident. His father, a basketball coach at the time, accidentally ran over him and he was left labeled as a "cripple". This was the beginning of a lifelong battle with his identity. This event also caused his mother to direct him towards music and becoming a pianist. By age 20, Brian was earning a living making music with his hands. Thus, his identity went from being known as a cripple to being known as musician.

In 1994, Brian was in a life-threatening auto accident involving a semi truck, which left him with his left arm paralyzed from the shoulder down. Once again, his identity was threatened. It would have been easy, if not expected, for him to simply give up and accept the label of being a "cripple". Brian continued to fight, believing God was not finished with him yet. Today, Brian helps others to look to the Lord for their true identity. His message is against "identity theft". It is also a message of hope. That no matter what a person may look like on the outside or what they've been through, it''s what (or Who) is on the inside that matters most.

​Brian has spoke at events with Don Piper (author of "90 Minutes in Heaven"), Samaritan's Purse (with Franklin Graham) and Compassion International (traveling to Bolivia and Guatemala), along with continuing to speak at all different kinds of churches and events.​ Of course, he still sings and plays the piano with one hand!

Brian is married to Diane Kukal from Lockwood, Missouri. They have four children (Kelsey, Austin, Justin & Kerrigan), one son-n-law (Josh), six grandchildren (Bella, Cruz & Liam, Jenson, Olivia & Miles), and two daughter-n-laws (Meagan & Serena). Brian's parents are Bob and Shirley Arnold, from West Plains, Missouri. He has two sisters, Shelley & Amy".

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